Eye On The Ball 2/18/19

Welcome to Eye On The Ball! My name is Trevor Parkins and today is February 18, 2019. I am 12 years old and live in New York City. I love both playing and watching sports. It’s like an alternative universe to regular life! And it’s awesome!

I spend so much time watching sports, reading about sports, watching news about sports, following sports statistics and playing sports that I figure I should write about it all. So that is what I am doing. This is my very first post and I hope you like it!

Yesterday, Jon Heyman tweeted out that the Phillies and Bryce Harper are gaining momentum on a deal. He said all we know that the starting price is 10 years, 300 million dollars. This is quite confusing because at the beginning of the offseason The Washington Nationals offered Harper 10 years and 300 million so it seems as if the deal should be worth more money.

Yesterday was also the NBA All Star game.

On days when there is not much news, I will be reviewing a random MLV or NBA stadium. Today’s random stadium is Comerica Park. Comerica Park is where the Detroit Tigers play. I have actually been there. The food is your classic burgers, hot dogs and French fries. Nothing spectacular. If you sit behind home plate you see a beautiful view of downtown Detroit which is a lovely sight. If you sit in left field you get to see the Tigers bullpen. However, there is nothing spectacular in right field. I would give this stadium an 8 or 9 because you do get to see a very nice view but if you are ball hawking this is not a great place because the bullpens get in the way of it.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great day.

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