Mike Trout Contract

Good morning everyone, today is 3/20/19 and I will be talking about the huge Mike Trout extension and a stadium review.

Wow!! Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels signed a 12 year $430M deal. This most likely means that MIke Trout will be an Angel for the rest of his career. If you didn’t know, Mike Trout is the best baseball player since Babe Ruth and possibly ever. Over his career, Mike Trout is a 307 hitter and he has averaged more than 30 home runs and 80 R.B.I.’s. Tell me thats not an amazing player. Earlier in the offseason, Trout told the Angels that they have until opening day to give him an extension. The Angels definitely came through on that. Mike Trout is now the highest paid player in North America. I think this is a great signing for the Angles because now they have control over the best player in baseball for at least 12 more years.

Today’s random stadium is Barclays Center! Barclays Center holds one team ( Brooklyn Nets) which is an NBA team. I have been to Barclays Center before and I love It! It is a very nice stadium on the outside and the inside. There isn’t much of a food variety but the food that they do have tastes really good. My personal favorite at Barclays Center is Paisanos Burger. Their burgers are amazing! I can’t stress that enough! Overall I would give this arena an 8 out of 10. This is because the arena looks amazing on the inside and outside however there is not much of a food variety.

Thank you so much for reading my post! Have a great day!

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