Im back

Hello everybody! I am back and today I will be talking about the mets blowing another big game.

Yesterday (September 3) the New York Mets blew a 6 run lead in the bottom of the 9nth inning to the Washington Nationals. Edwin Diaz proved again that he is not a good closing pitcher by allowing the walk off home run to a below average bat in Kirt Suzuki. Trading for Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz is turning out to be the worst trade ever for the Mets. Diaz this year in 58 games has pitched 51 innings. in those 51 innings he has a 5.65 ERA and a 1.43 WHIP. In 87 games this year Robinson Cano has a .259 batting average with only 11 home runs, 34 RBI, and only a .733 ops. This is not what we traded for. We traded for the best reliever in baseball and an above average bat. We gave away the number 23 prospect in all of baseball (Jared Kelenic) for this? If the Mets want to have a chance at making the playoffs, these 2 players have to step their game up.

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