Citi Field

Good morning everyone! Today is 3/13/19 and today, I will be talking about my favorite stadium in all of sports. Citi Field.

Now you may be thinking, “Trevor you’re just being bias because the Mets are your favorite team.” Well, you are right. The Mets are my heart and soul and they will be my favorite team forever.But also, Citi Field is a very nice ballpark. It is relatively new but in some areas of the ballpark, you can feel some old-school vibes. For example Shea Bridge which is located in center field behind the scoreboard.The New York Mets played their first game at Citi Field on March 29 2009 and that has been their home ever since. If you saw my last post, you would have noticed that I said that Madison Square Garden had a lot of options for food; however, Citi Field has an even bigger variety! You can get a burger and fries from the famous Shake Shack, you can get a hot dog at Nathan’s, a spicy chicken sandwich at Foku etc. There is also a 3 clubs located inside citi field that have food and lounge areas. The 5 clubs are The Porsche Club, First Data Club, The 360 club, The Foxwood Club and the Jim Beam club.

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